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Mineral Makeup Solves Sensitive Skin Issue

by Chryso D'Angelo, March 26 2014, 0 Comments
When the makeup on the market is irritating your skin, how hard could it be to disregard it all and make your own? That’s a question Canadian mother-daughter team Diane Peterson and Jennifer MacDougall, founders of Earth Lab Cosmetics, asked...


Mineral Makeup Made in the U.S.A.

by Chryso D'Angelo, January 22 2014, 0 Comments
“When I learned about all the chemicals in the products I was using, products I used on my own babies…I got really angry,” says Krissy Ferro of Ferro Cosmetics. “Certain companies make an entirely different formula for their European market,...


Healthy Homemade Makeup & Skin Care

by Chryso D'Angelo, November 13 2013, 1 Comment
Face it. Choosing the wrong makeup or skin care product can cause breakouts, blotches, and dryness. But forget about what’s visible. If the beauty products you’re using are wreaking that much havoc on the surface, what could be happening beneath...


Spotlight on Fair Trade: Shanti Boutique Handmade Jewelry

by Silvia Milanova, July 01 2013, 0 Comments
When you pick up a new pair of earrings, or try on a ring, what goes through your mind? How do I look? Is this the right fit? Do you think about how the purchase positively or negatively impacts people...


EcoPlum Salutes Green Moms: Composting Pilot

by Silvia Milanova, May 08 2013, 0 Comments
If someone ever told you that a handful of people can’t make a difference, he or she hasn’t met the five hardworking moms who started the Food and Tray Waste Composting Pilot in District 3 schools on the Upper West...


Counting Sheep? Seek Organic Sleep

by Guest Blogger, February 02 2009, 0 Comments
Photo courtesy of Mazzali via Flickr.  When we lay to rest at night, the last thing we want is to be immersed in toxins, volatile organic compounds and off-gassing chemicals. Conventional mattresses often use petroleum-based polyester and polyurethane foam, which can...


Eco-Friendly Pet Care

by Guest Blogger, August 22 2008, 0 Comments
  Copyright: pphoto / 123RF Stock Photo  Want to bring your 4-legged (or 2 winged, or many scaled, or whatever may apply) friend into your ever-expanding world of green living? There are several simple steps to consider when giving your furry baby the healthiest lifestyle...


The Dirt on Cleaning Products

by Guest Blogger, August 20 2008, 0 Comments
Copyright: frannyanne / 123RF Stock Photo Even with all the warning labels and pictures of skulls with crossbones, who knew that what we believed was safeguarding our children and pets from goopy disease and bacteria was perhaps one of their...


Bottled Water: Better for you?

by Guest Blogger, July 20 2008, 0 Comments
  The case for using bottled water sounded good in the beginning, and it became quite the everlasting rage. Everyone was walking around with their clean and crisp, plastic bottle which implied we were all at the top of our...